WingBasket was started from a need for a true specialized Chicken Wing store offering the best wings, at the best prices, with the best sauces, available anywhere in America. There are many restaurants that specialize in chicken and many that specialize in chicken wings. Only WingBasket has perfected the combination of sauce and chicken to offer our customers the quality and flavor the true wing lover desires.


The concept for WingBasket was researched and designed by a full line successful restaurateur. His desire was to find the best wings in size and weight and combine them with the most popular and innovative sauces. Once this was determined, the desire was to offer this combination at reasonable prices for carryout as well as a pleasant eat-in experience. The informal picnic decor and the fantastic eating experience have made WingBasket the premier wing specialty restaurant. Wings, not breaded, fresh and consistent in size for the best flavor.

Side items, selected for the most desired items to combine with out wings and sauces.

Limited menu, so we do chicken the way it should be done.

No burgers, no pizza.

Chicken wings and tenders prepared as you order them. Fresh, hot, sauced and delicious.

Rivergate @ McHenry Center
Nolensville @ Old Hickory Blvd